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Our group is working on Chalcogenide Glasses (ChG) for waveguide based photonic device fabrication using femtosecond laser inscription technique and  Phase change memory applications. We synthesis chalcogenide glasses to study the material properties like optical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for choosing the suitable materials for the fabrication of photonic devices. Our interest is to develop mir IR sources from rare earth doped chalcogenide glasses.

Rocking furnace for chalcogenide glass preparation

Waveguide fabrication setup

Waveguide Charecterization setup

Ultrafast  laser inscribed waveguide on ChG and it nearfield image

          We developed ultrafast laser written Er-doped chalcogenide glass buried waveguide amplifier in our laboratory. We synthesis Er doped GeGaS glass in our laboratory and the waveguides are fabricated and gain charecterization is done at Heriot watt university. This is the first demonstration of chalcogenide glass waveguide amplifier fabricated by ULI technology at telecommunications wavelengths. Our aim to develop the waveguide based photonic device in the mid infrared region.

            Optical straight waveguides are inscribed in GeGaS and GeGaSSb glasses using a high repetition-rate sub-picosecond pulsed laser. The mechanical properties of the glasses in the inscribed regions, which have undergone photo induced changes, have been evaluated by using the nano-indentation technique. Results show that the hardness and elastic modulus of the photo-modified glasses are significantly lower as compared to the other locations in the waveguide, which tend to be similar to those of the unexposed areas. The observed mechanical effects are found to correlate well with the optical properties of the waveguides. Further, based on the results, the minimum threshold values of hardness and modulus for the particular propagation mode of the waveguide (single or multi), has been established.

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